New Tutorial – Implementing the Windows game Slay

Slay gameOne of my favourite casual games is Slay by Sean O’Connor. I bought the full game which sells for $10 and it’s still selling well via his site or Steam. His game is only for Windows so my reimagining (great word!) will be for Linux only including Raspberry Pi.

His game comes with several hundred islands, in four sizes from very small, small, Large and very large. You play against 6 computer players with intelligence ranging from very stupid, stupid, clever to very clever. In addition there are a bunch of predefined maps like Britain or even the world.

Troops exist in four sizes with each size three times bigger than the one below. Your territory must be big enough to support the troops there and if it isn’t they all starve.  Splitting an enemies’ territory to starve his troops is a valid tactic.

Add in with trees which can spread and waste land which spreads even faster and its a cute addictive game.

My game will be called Onslaught and use its own graphics. Islands will be computer generated and hopefully the AI will play a decent game. The first tutorial which just explains the game and the scope of what I intend to do is now available.



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