About Me

I’m a English (British whatever!) software developer who lives near Boston in the UK. I’ve been programming full time since 1981 and include Price Waterhouse, British Aerospace and Morgan Stanley as places where I have worked.

My programming career started off with Price Waterhouse (writing software in BASIC on Apple II and Act Sirius) then moved into games programming (6502 and Z80 assembler) for ten years on CBM-64 and ZX Spectrum, MSX and Amstrad CPC 464. I was also employed by MicroProse (yes that MicroProse- Sid Meyer, designer of Civilization but never met him- he was based in the US) as a game designer. Plus a two year spell at KJCGames developing postal games Warlord and Quest (in Turbo Pascal) which were written before 1990 and are still being run.

That was followed by two years as a software engineer programming in Ada. I worked on the software that tested the software that’s in the Typhoon aircraft.

Then I spent the best part of 18 years working in London and the City of London working on Trading systems and Oil/Base metal trading software (Delphi and C#). After that a three year spell as a mobile developer (C#/Xamarin) for a taxi firm. Here’s an article on some of the work I did there.  Here’s another on the Pascal and Delphi programming which I have done rather a lot!

I am now a full-time software developer in the PropTech industry (software for Landlords and a lot more) in Sleaford (Delphi and C#) and a freelance technology writer with over several hundred articles on all aspects of software development for about.com and Dice.com. 

I can be contacted via this contact form.

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