lldb-mi no longer exists

lldb vs code extensionsThis is debugging vs code with lldb. It seems as of clang-10, it’s no longer supported which is a pita. I’d been working on the Onslaught code and something wasn’t working so I thought I’d try to debug it.  However the debugger wouldn’t start. Investigating a bit further and I found this discussion thread on the GitHub cpp tools.

I have to say this. I find Linux development quite frustrating at times because of things like this. Something that worked in an earlier version of clang has been removed. Why? There’s a similar issue with Ubuntu 18.04 compared to 20.04 running in Hyper-V VM. With 18.04 I can use the clipboard to copy and paste between Windows and Ubuntu, but so far I have been unable to do it in 20.04.

You spend ages wasting time trying to find answers. I find Windows development with C# much less problematic. Open source developers sometimes don’t appear to take the needs of their users as seriously as say commercial developers do.

So now I’m looking a for a better way to debug C/C++ programs from vs code. There is a lldb – vs code adapter as well as native debug and Code LLDB (see screenshots) so I’ll investigate and see if any of these work. Or I can just study my code and work out in my head why it isn’t working!