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A large collection of ARM links

A large collection of ARM links

Circit board
From Pixabay

ARM being the CPU brand inside Raspberry Pis. This is a collection of talks and links to articles about the ARM architecture, concurrency, performance and way too much other stuff to list. There’s a lot in there and I defy anyone with the vaguest interest not to find something of interest.

I’m not a hardware person myself, but dipping into stuff like this can yield benefits. Remember the CPU in the Pi 4B has four cores. If you are writing software that just runs one one thread then it’s like driving a car with a four cylinder engine but its only firing on one. And if you manage to write software to use all four cores, do you know how to avoid false sharing? (Yes it’s a thing!)




More on Raspberry Pi Gamepad

More on Raspberry Pi Gamepad

jstest-gtkUnfortunately there’s no gamepad-tool for the PI, but there is a program called jstest and in particular a visual one called jstest-gtk. That’s it on the left. You install it on any Linux system, including Raspbian on the Pi with the command

sudo apt install jstest-gtk

Then run it with a jstest-gtk command from a terminal.

It then detects your game pad and responds to button presses and joystick movements.

The weird thing is although my gamepad identifies it as a NEXT SNES but so far attempts to load that have not been successful in the Asteroids game. It loads but doesn’t seem to work and its not recognising the right shoulder button and has A and B buttons muddled up. Yet in jstest, it is clearly able to identify them.

Time I think to create a mapping under Linux with gamepadtool. Unfortunately it doesn’t work on the Hyper-V Ubuntu so it’s time to fetch my Linux laptop and try it on that.