When Raspberry Pi Goes wrong

Raspberry Pi TuxIt happened to me today, not once but twice.  First the Hyper-V version of Raspberry PI OS I have installed (handy for screenshots) didn’t update properly.  Apt got itself in a right state and attempts to fix broken packages on APT just made things worse. In the end, I fetched another copy from this page and installed that in Hyper-V and deleted the first one. I wonder if Raspberry PI OS will ever make it into the Microsoft Store as one of their WSL Linuxes?

At the same time I had forgotten to write down a login password for a real PI and burnt myself a new Pi SD CArd. After it did the initial update and reboot, it came up with BCM2835 Exception stack errors and hung. I burnt it again, went through the update palaver and it did the same. A quick Google and I found a suggestion that my SD Card was failing although it had burnt without error twice and switching to a different card fixed it.

Out of curiosity, I fired up Win32DiskImager and ran a verify against it and got this error message below. If you can’t read it says Verification failed at sector 8192. Well at least I now know and the SD Card was about to be binned and I took a last look at it.  4GB! I’d been burning a 7GB image onto it; no wonder it crashed.. I’m amazed it ever burnt and worked… I’d used it in the past for the DietPI distro which is much smaller.  Most of my spare SD Cards are 8 GB; that’ll teach me for not checking…

SD Card failed verification in Win32dioskimager