Games Sources

This is a catalogue of games in C with sources. Some I’ve written or converted. I’m putting them on Github, so this page will be a list with a brief description.

  • Star Trek.  This is a conversion of TinyTrek (written in TinyBasic). IIRC did the conversion back in 2006 and it was very early in my C programming days (in my defence!). I’ve included the original in the file.
  • AboutEmpire. I started a Empire type game which may yet get completed. This was originally a mainframe game (I saw it in 1982), did a version on ZX Spectrum/CBM-64 called Dark Empire (now found in collections of games) and postal games called Casus Belli/Warlord. It includes a map generator, hexagonal map display and a simple GUI.
  • Snake. A compete game with not brilliant graphics and a high score table!