Games in C on GitHub

Tetris lamp
Image by Tobias Kozlowski from Pixabay

If you visit this site often, you’ll find many many links to projects on GitHub and not just mine. One of the thing I like about GitHub is how easy it is to search for stuff. So I put games in the top left search box and then ticked the C checkbox.

That returned 2,569 results but not all are playable games. Some are one off projects for other hardware such as Wii, GameBoy, Switch and similar. One gem I found was BSDGames. This is quite old and the 43 games are text based including the original Adventure.  I get the feeling many of these are from the Basic Computer Games books but at least these are in C not BASIC.

These will probably compile better on Linux and with difficulty and lots of fixes on Windows. And yes there is a Tetris game in the collection!


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