Added the sources of another game

Basic Computer games bookThis was a text mode game, my idea being to do something like the old Star Trek BASIC game but better. I called it Star Empires and it’s on GitHub, just follow the link to GitHub on the C Games sources link.

The zip file includes both C and a C++ version. Both will compile with Visual C++ 2019 Community edition. There is a minor compile error, a = that should be == in the C++ source. I ill get round to fixing it and uploading a replacement.

I do get a bit of pleasure (more like an exercise in masochism!) converting old BASIC games to C. I’m looking at the two Creative Computing books (and while 95% of the games are not exactly great (well lets be generous and say they were good 45 years ago!) but there’s one or two that might be worth the effort! I bought these in 1982 lost those and then bought them a few years back again.

Plus when you think how the games industry has matured since the late 70s and 80s, and many of those early programmers will have cut their teeth on games like that before learning more advanced stuff, so  lets not be too harsh!


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