Code::Blocks revisited

Code::Blocks SDL2 demoSo after yesterday’s post I also installed Code::Blocks on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, the recent six monthly Ubuntu release. Guess what, it’s a much newer version of Code::Blocks that looks slightly different and does include SDL2. Although the demo program it creates is C++ not C (That coloured bar picture is the demo).  I haven’t used it enough to see what’s different between this and version 16.01.

The version of Code::Blocks on the 18.04LTS Ubuntu  was 16.01 and on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS it’s Code::Blocks 20.03. I keep my Ubuntus up to date but the 18.04 LTS hasn’t switched to the newer Code::Blocks which surprised me. I’m guessing that the maintainers of the 18.04 LTS Ubuntu repositories just haven’t updated their copy of Code::Blocks.

One thing I hadn’t explored in Code::Blocks is the debugging and this seems a lot more powerful than what you get in Visual Studio Code.   This screenshot below from version 20 shows it is more akin to Visual Studio debugging rather than Visual Studio Code debugging what with CPU registers, stack, memory dump and threads.

Code::Blocks Debugging Menu


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