Why C and not C++?

C++ LogoConfession, I can program in C++ though I’m a bit rusty and my C++ knowledge stops short of creating template classes but I can use them.  But given that probably most games these days are programmed in C++ why is this site about C?

Well it’s been mostly personal preference. I like C; it is a heck of a lot simpler than C++ (understatement!) and compilations are very fast! I know most of C though to my chagrin I admit I got include guards wrong for quite a while. I was using them in .c files rather than .h.

Plus, I haven’t really looked into WebAssembly enough. I know it will work with both C and C++. But it has to be said that there is probably only so much you can write about C, so I will be including C++ in the future. I’d planned to do a C++ conversion of my Ebook(s).

Besides which if you google for something involving C, you’d be amazed how many C++ and even C# websites are in the results!



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