Trials and tribulations of mobile development

Mobile apps
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Compared to desktop, I find mobile development somewhat frustrating at times. On iOS, you have a right palaver with certificates and provisioning profiles before you can even run a program on your device. Android is nowhere near so bad, but you have the fragmentation problem I mentioned yesterday. Too many different models with different screen sizes and resolutions.

C# is a nice and powerful language and well suite dto mobile, though to be fair so are Swift on iOS and Java/Kotlin on Android. Android software is a bit of a mishmash. You have to get the right SDKs to match your phone’s OS. Then you have to create a simulator if you are not testing on a device. iOS has its own issues, generally involving needing a Mac before you can put code on the iPhone.

MonoGame is a nice framework. Compared to both Android and iOS native development (no JavaScript here!) it’s a lot more straightforward to work with. You override the Game.Update method for reading keyboards and touchscreens. Then you override Game.Draw to output graphics. In that respect it’s even easier than using SDL for games. It’s a little like WinForm programming.

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