The biggest problem with C

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The biggest problem is that a single letter language name like C (or D) makes it almost impossible to search accurately on the web. I did a search for C jobs and found 3,602 C jobs on (I’m not looking for a new job BTW!),

Yeah I didn’t believe it either and when I looked at some of the jobs well there are a few but it also finds jobs for C# (not the same at all) or C/C++ which you just know is C++ really. So there’s probably less than a dozen jobs instead of 3602.

Also, job sites have this weird thing where they shows job adverts from multiple recruitment agencies so the same job gets advertised 3-4 times over. So my rule of job applications is divide the estimated number of found jobs by four to get a more accurate figure.

Being realistic, if I was looking for a job programming in C, I think the embedded market is probably the only main way to go and I know nothing about embedded C!  You have a far greater chance of getting a job if you program C++ or C# (if you are limiting it to programming languages that begin with C) rather than C itself.

C is one of those languages that’s really useful to know but won’t get you a job on its own.

It’s probably also the reason that longer programming languages like Go have adopted a convention of suffixing lang to their website name since about 2011. Shorts words like Go have multiple meanings and adoptions. I can’t imagine players of the game Go were too impressed when Go the programming language appeared yet at least the website is golang. The same is true for Dart which is not only best known for being a sharp pointed flying thing but is also an acronym (Dublin Area Rapid Transit) . The programming language website is dartlang.




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