Time to upgrade Visual Studio?

>NET 5
Visual Studio assembly versions

It’s more relevant if you are a .NET developer ie C# or VB.NET, but .NET 5.0 (including C# 9) has just been released. It was an almost 4 GB download and followed by a reboot but I’m now on .NET 5. No more .NET Core or .NET Framework unless you are developing GUI applications on Windows.

But you can also develop on Linux or Mac, but not using WinForms or WPF. Those are Windows only.  This page has downloads, or you can do what I did and upgrade through the Visual Studio Installer.

Also if you are on C (on Windows) you get C11 and C17 if you specify a compiler flag. You’ll see this on the Visual Studio 16.8 release notes.  I like to be on the (bleeding) edge of things. Maybe it’s FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). But I do find it interesting to see where the Linux support is going.