So much fun from 16 x

tixy.landIf you are looking for inspiration for games creation, take a look at It’s a 16 x 16 square of dots whose colour is determined by a user entered JavaScript function. If you click the page, you’ll see new patterns. This was created by a developer Martin Kleppe and you can see other examples in this twitter thread..

The function is limited to 32 characters but even so that gives you a lot of possibilities. Most patterns are dynamic, changing as you watch. It’s quite fascinating.  The pattern shown in the screen shot is from Math.tan(t*(100-y*x)/9). and the actual url (including the code is)*%28100-y*x%29%2F9%29

The %28 etc are the HTML encoding of (, while %29 is ) and %2f is /.

You can edit any function on the page so try substituting sin, cos instead of tan. Also abs works as well.