Learning C and SDL

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

I frequent the Reddit C subreddit and Quora.com and quite often see people asking what they should learn first. So I’ve updated the C tutorials page (link at top) with details of future tutorials as well as a new one on functions.¬†This includes the entire course (though some are not yet written).¬† It has more details about each lesson and shows the whole course,

There’s considerable overlap with material in my first EBook though that was for Windows only and this is for Windows, Linux and Raspberry Pi. The Pi of course is Linux with some hardware specific stuff and I’ll include links back to previous blog entries which have explained how to get and display the Pi’s temperature in a C program or use game pads.

Unlike other C courses it will include SDL2 code and how to use it. I think C + SDL2 is a great way to make 2D games, and is probably the easiest and simplest to learn.