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Sourceforge games filterA couple of weeks ago I looked at GitHub. Now it’s time for Sourceforge. Like GitHub, it’s an open source repository and has been around for well over 15 years. Instead of using search parameter there are filters that let you specify games, types of games, programming language and project maturity.

The screenshot shows the games part of the filter, what you can’t see is further down in the Programming languages where I’ve ticked C and Status where I’ve ticked Production/Stable. So SourceForge contains 67 production ready Role-playing games in C.

You have to us the status or else you’ll get 100s of projects that have been started then abandoned, often without any code.  One or two projects have migrated to GitHub, so their code here is old.

I have some ideas for big multi-player games myself but I’d like to try a novel approach. The game clients run on your computer and communicate with a server. However it’s not real-time but sends commands to the game server via a web interface and can check for results the same way. If you like, it’s a modern take on postal gaming except that used printers and the postal service to send printouts. Of course with WebAssembly, it could run in your browser.