Approaching the first year anniversary

Skyline for David-h-bolton on GitHub
GitHub Skyline for David-H-Bolton in 2020

In answer to an email I received, yes I do write all of the blog entries, tutorials and curate the collections on here. This will be blog #365 published since Feb 29th 2020.  You can see links to all posts by moving your mouse over the About Me in the top menu.

The odd looking graphic is a thing that is running on GitHub called Skyline. It shows a 3D city like model generated from your GitHub commits.  Mine for 2020 is this which you can zoom in and rotate, all with your mouse.  Just change the link to point to your account home page on GitHub. I think it’s quite neat and perfect timing for my first anniversary.

The slab I guess is a timeline from left to right and shows a visualisation of your commits by time period to different repositories. I have no doubts there are far more cluttered and complex skylines than mine!