A minor whinge about Linux

Screenshot of Virtualmin update screenI’ve been a Windows developer since the late 1990s and I got into Linux about 2008. I’m still a Windows developer but now that .NET applications can run on Mac and Linux as well as Windows, it makes it easier to write software in C# that runs on Linux.  Using a Linux VPS is probably the cheapest way to do that.

I still use Visual Studio on Windows for developing and just by changing the publish target can run it on Windows or Linux. If you manage a VPS as I do, you want to keep it up to date and that’s what my whinge is.

It used to be that Windows was a pain with having to reboot after installing software. These days that’s only when you’re doing a major update. But Linux? I’m finding that I have to reboot it after an update on average perhaps once a week. This week it happened twice! I grabbed a screenshot to show it.

The screenshot is of the bottom of the VirtualMin update page. I use Virtualmin for administering it because I prefer to spend my time programming. That blue Reboot Now button appeared because one of the packages that got updated required a reboot. I don’t think there’s anything that can be done except click it; the reboot has to happen and only seems to take a minute at most.  It’s just the irony that for years people complained about Windows reboots and now it’s actually Linux that is the major culprit!