Monogame 3.8 is now out

Monogame 3.8 releasedThese don’t come that often and this one has quite a few changes. You can read all about it on their What New page.  The main changes as far as I am concerned is the .NET Core support, templates in VS 2019 (finally!) and distribution via Nuget.

Interesting though that the Pipeline tool is dead, Long live the Pipeline! It’s now called the MCGB tool. I think it’s more a rebranding than completely new or maybe it is (apologies if that’s the case). And I notice that text is a resource type that you can add BUT on Android, no point in compressing things because apks are compressed anyway. Here’s a big secret, apk files, like Java .jar files are just zip files.  Yes you can view their contents with WinZip!

If you are a 3.7 MonoGame user (as I am), you should probably readthe migrating from 3.7 web page.