A spot of market research

Image by Benjamin Nelan from Pixabay

This is market research for a side-project I’m working on. I’m developing a server and mobile clients to play multi-player games over WiFi. The server software would cost about $15/£12 and 1$ for the game client on Android/iOS. It will come with 8-10 games including card games such as Texas Holdem, and a board game or two. All games will be single-player as well (well not poker!). If it takes off I’d like to licence popular board games.

There will also be an SDK for creating new games and some financial arrangements for games to be sold through a “Pi bakery” i.e. app store. Games can either be included in the standard package or low cost add-ons.

I’m just trying to assess if there would be demand for it. If you have any comments or thoughts, I’ve posted this on the Raspberry Pi forums. as well.

It is often said that you shouldn’t give away ideas but I’ve decided to anyway. I really need to find out if anybody would buy this. If not then I have a plan B side-project waiting in the wings. But I do like this and I’ve already gone down the implementation route a bit.


Sadly I have decided to ditch this side-project. I didn’t get great response; although there are 31 million Pis out there, getting people together especially with Covid is not easy. So I’m mothballing this for now. There is a B2B commercial possibility but I’ll come back to that in a year or two. Instead I am going onto my next project a mobile MMO.