Mobile game development progress

Manana Banana Screenshot on AndroidDevelopment continues with the first game, which is a card game. I know the game as Top Banana, but I think that is the name of a commercial game, so for now the working title is Manana Banana. All it does currently is display the cards and backs as you can see. No photo this time, I learnt how to take snapshots on the phone (Hold down the power and Lower volume buttons at the same time) As it’s plugged in to my PC,. copying it across was not difficult.

This uses my virtual screen technology working on an 800 x 1400 virtual screen then scaling output onto the real screen which in this case on the Alps X27 Plus is 480 wide by 960 deep. As you can see I have a black rectangle at the top and the Android controls are visible at the bottom, neither of which I programmed for. I’ll get those fixed.

You play this game by clicking on the six top cards one-by-one and then tap the back of the card where you want to play that top card. So you end up with three poker hands. In this case I’d put the 7 and 9 on the top row for one pair, the two fives on the 2nd row also for a apir and the King and Jack for an Ace-high straight on the bottom row. The gap on the right will show the text of the hand so will say Pair, Pair and Ace Straight or something like that.

Next thing is making the cards clickable. That is the top six cards and the the three sets of two backs below. Once that’s done I’ll make that bit work then plug in the Jessie Chunn’s poker hand evaluation code to figure out what each hand of five cards is and more importantly give it a numeric score.

The gradient that covers the screen came from