PagedOut a technical programming magazine

PagedOut Issue 1 frontcoverIt’s not often that I recommend somebody else but when I see something that I think deserves it, I’m happy to. PagedOut is a free experimental (one article == one page) technical magazine about programming (especially programming tricks!), hacking, security hacking, retro computers, modern computers, electronics, demoscene, and other similar topics. That’s their description! It’s published by Gynvael Coldwind, an IT Security engineer at Google.

It isn’t game related and not totally C oriented. In fact there are currently only two issues out, downloadable as PDFs and the second one has half a dozen C articles but the first issue has none.  There’s a bit of C++, Python, Go and some other stuff including assembly and the content varies enormously and is mostly Linux oriented but there is a bit Windows as well.

The big thing is that each article is just one page long. That’s by design. They accept submissions from anyone, subject to their standards and review but it must fit in one page.

I’ve always had a bit of a hacker mentality going back to when I crashed a mainframe (twice) at University. I didn’t mean to honest….  Being naturally inquisitive I think has helped me as a professional programmer.