Geomorphing for the masses

Geomorphic village by davesmapper.comThis is very clever. The website lets you create different type of geomorphic terrain maps, whether it be dungeons, city or village or even the interior of a spaceship.  You get a choice of tile sets according to what type of terrain you’ve picked. If you are artistic, you can upload your own designs. This mixing and mashing of tile sets can lead to some very odd looking cities with each tile a different style!

The view options controls lets you change how many tiles wide and high your map is, but watch out, the tiles are quite big so go above say 16 x 16 and you start to generate maps that are too big to export.  The village at the top of the post was 2100 x 2100 pixels when exported.

The terrain maps generated are very nice. If you think these look a bit rough, it’s probably my fault. To speed up this website all images are both shrunk to typically 350-450 pixels wide and compressed and some images are possibly not quite as nice looking as their uncompressed originals.

This city below shows you the type of thing with two greenish tiles and a bluish one. You can untick the tile sets that you don’t want.

Geomorphic city from

Geomorphic means it’s made of tiles that are almost always square and they fit together so that doors or passageways always join up.

Back in my D & D (Dungeons and Dragons, not drunk and disorderly!) dungeon mastering days (about 1979) I use to have a set of physical geomorph tiles. They were great but sadly lost along with my D & D toolbox that had all my figures.

There are some computer games where you might use geomorphic graphics; perhaps a procedurally-generated dungeon crawler.