An interesting game system – Fiasco

Fiascao game coverAs well as games programming, I like game design and one of the best ways to practise this arcane art is to look at other people’s ideas and borrow/pinch/steal/be inspired by them.

The image is here is from a game Fiasco by a designer called Jason Morningstar of It’s such a different game (they call it a weird game)  and you can see what it’s about on their Fiasco page as well as look at the various downloads.

Why I like it is because it gives you a flavour of tv shows with complex plot lines like Fargo. There are several ‘players’ involved and you’re never quite sure how things are going to turn out; there’s not what you would call a hero. You don’t get that in many computer games so anything that can advance the art is very welcome.

OF course turning it into a computer game would present some challenges. But I’d play it!