How to extract text from an Image

Puzzle image with textThis is more of a tip, but it can be a useful thing to know. If you look at this photo you’ll see it contains a bunch of words. Now you could type them in but that’s a bit tedious.

If you have Ms Office then you’ll have probably have OneNote. Take the image and paste it into OneNote. Now right click on the image (in OneNote and in the popup menu) you should see Copy Text from Picture¬†as the third item in the menu.

Just click that then paste the text in to notepad, a text editor, whatever. There’s your text.

OneNote with popup menu

Here’s the text pasted directly from the clipboard. 100% accurate apart from a ! that it found from somewhere near the edge (just after wain)!

Solution to Puzzle 1
ain, alb, albs, als, ani, ard, ards, arid, ars, awn, blah, blain, dhal
dhals, dirl, dirls, drain, draw, drawn, fah, fain, fan, far, fard, tards,
farl, farls, fars, faw, fawn, flan, flaw, flawn, fra, hain, half, halts, han,
hard, hards, harl, harls, harn, harns, haw, hid, ids, infra, inward,
inwards, lah, lain, lar, lard, lards, larn, larns, law, lawin, lawn, nard,
nards, rah, rai, rain, ran, rani, raw, rawn, rid, rids, slain, slaw, wain, !
wald, walds, wan, war, ward, wards, warn, warns, wars, wha, wharf,
wharfs, whid, whids, whir, whirl, whirls, whirs, Win