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Essential C – Free 45 page PDF

Essential C – Free 45 page PDF

Essentail C Front pageThis was compiled between 1996 and 2003 by Nick Parlante at Stanford college. It’s a 45 page PDF that summaries all the basic features of C.

It saves having to search online or through a reference book (I have the excellent O’Reilly C book as well). It has a few pitfalls to show you things to avoid and lots of short source examples.

I’ve started on the C++ Windows eBook

I’ve started on the C++ Windows eBook

C++ Code listing photoI made the mistake of starting by trying to convert the final version of Asteroid; all 2,200 lines of C into C++.

It got very messy because I was trying to have all the moving objects (Player ship, asteroids, bullets, aliens ship) all based on a common ancestor class but then was trying to manipulate those instances of the ancestor class and downcast back from the ancestor instances and I don’t think you can in C++. Compiler errors galore!

It was the wrong approach and I wasn’t using virtual functions. So instead I’m doing it step by step, adding on new features. Much like the original C development in 13 different steps.

Here’s the slightly shorter asteroids.cpp:

// Asteroids C++ 2020 Chapter 27
#include "game.h"

int main(int argc,char * args[])
	Game g;
    return 0;

There are other classes used from Game. I haven’t put everything in one “God” class!