Ideas for multi-player games

Simple word game
Image by brainygames from Pixabay

One side-project I’m working on that uses the MonoGame library involves creating a bunch of simple multi-player games. I’ve started with that Poker game (Top Banana or Manana Banana as I’ve called it) and the next one will likely be a variation of the game Boggle but not called that and not based on a 4 x 4 grid as Boggle is. I’m not daft!

The danger with doing this and just copying existing commercial games is you might get sued or a nasty cease and desist letter/email come your way if you infringe someones copyright or (far far worse!) their trademark. If you have a bit of money, you might be able to license the game from the original designer/creator but that’s probably not at all cheap. Games like Fluxx, Acquire, Settlers of Catan and Ticket-to-Ride are favourites but not something I shall be doing until and unless I can afford to license them.

Some games like card games are in the public domain and I’ve no qualms about producing my own version. Scheduled in after It’s-Not-Boggle is one based on 3-card Brag which is very easy to play and quite fun. I’m also trying to come up with an idea based on word Searching or Sudoku but as those are primarily solo-play games and not quite so easy to do multi-player.

But I’m sure there are multi-player games, i.e. Texas Holdem Poker that are legal to create my own so if you know any I might do, add a comment!