Santa Paravia en Fiumaccio

Santa Paravia en FiumaccioI could understand you thinking “have I flipped my lid?”. What kind of a title is “Santa Paravia en Fiumaccio”? It’s actually the name of an old game written in C. A much more sophisticated Hammurabi if that makes sense.  You can read about it here on Wikipedia.

I was digging around the web looking for games in C with source code and came across a reference to it. I found it on though that version is a bit bashed up, All the < and > are displayed as their HTML equivalents – &lt; and &gt; so you need to do copy and replace on that. Plus a few of them have spaces between the & and the lt/gt!

That was about a thousand lines long. However I thought, why not do a search on the web specifically for it and found a cleaned up and slightly longer version on GitHub by DNSGeek. If you dig into his repository list you’ll see he’s also done a Python port with graphics! It also includes the instructions for playing it in a PDF.

If you try and compile the C source code, you’ll find that a curses library is missing. I’m not sure that it actually needs it so I commented out the include line and it didn’t seem to mind.  Under Visual Studio, it complains because of the strcpy functions that should be strcpy_s.

So I’ll fix the little things and see how ityplays. You just have to love a game that has functions with names like SerfsDecomposing() and SerfsProcreating()!


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