New Tutorial on getting started with SDL

SDL REctanglesI had this tutorial pencilled in to do and it’s now done. It’s the old SDL rectangles program that was part of the eBook. I’ve modernised it a bit so the same file will now compile under either MSVC on Windows or VS Code/Clang on Linux without changes.

I used the _WIN32 predefined macro so it compiles the call to Windows cod on Windows. Here’s an example:

#ifdef _WIN32
		sprintf_s(buff, sizeof(buff), "%10.6f", getElapsedTime(&s));
		snprintf(buff, sizeof(buff),"%10.6f",diff(&s));

I do a similar thing with the path to SDL which is “SDL.h” on Windows but “SDL2/SDL.h” on Ubuntu. Writing code this way makes it  lot less of a hassle.

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