Made it to the end of the Linux EBook

Tux with books
Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay

That is, I have completed every one of the 13 stages in the game’s development and each is up and running on Ubuntu. It turned out easier than I thought though I still need to fix one or two things.

Because Clang doesn’t support the MSVC fopen_s, I did a quick fix and removed the error checking and when it first ran, it did another segmentation fault because the high score table file didn’t exist. D’oh!

That’s fixed now. Crashing because a file is missing is a very bad practice! Also for some reason last night, Windows and Ubuntu fell out and copy/paste between them wasn’t working. It is working today. I’ve noticed this can be a little bit sensitive at times and I think it was the Windows side that fell over.

However I’ve also been playing with Ubuntu 19.10 and Copy/Paste appears to be disabled on that. That kind of thing I find extremely irritating. I have Guest services ticked, so why does nothing I do enable it? 18.04 LTS apart from last night’s glitch is perfectly happy. And 20.04 Focal Fossa (I know!) is due out on April 23rd.  It’s not quite ready but you can try it an early version if you like. I will be upgrading.


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