Completely off-topic but how to tether an iPhone to Windows 10

A PC tethered by two phonesThanks to an apparent hardware failure in my internet modem (power light remains stubbornly off), I found myself without internet except on my iPhone which has 20 GB of 4G data allowance.

Normally in a month I use less that 0.25 GB of the 20 GB $G monthly allowance data because of fast WiFi at home and at work but I do use it for phones and messages.  It’s convenient on rare occasions when I’m out though to have internet access ability on a phone.

Unfortunately for reasons best known to Microsoft or Apple or both, iPhones no longer seem to tether with Windows 10.  They did for Windows 7 and it’s a real PITA.

But there is a way to manage it. Just use an Android phone as well. If the Android phone had mobile data then no problem but even if it doesn’t, it can tether to my iPhone over WiFi. And my PC can tether to the Android phone using a USB cable and that is how this is being brought to you.

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