An uncensored alternative to GitHub

Digital cash
Image by WorldSpectrum from Pixabay

I use GitHub a lot, I’ll be the first to admit it but there have been recent cases where GitHub has censored projects because of the US DMCA law ((I’m in the UK so different laws apply here but GitHub is in the US and being owned by Microsoft is not going to ignore the law) so radicle offers a er radical alternative.

It uses Peer to Peer thus avoiding needing servers which can be seized.  People share a bit of their bandwidth and storage and act as anonymous servers; I suspect you don’t see or have any access to stuff stored on your computer. It uses digital cash so those with lot of bandwidth and storage can do more hosting and receive payment from those who are using it.  I’ve seen Ethereum mentioned for 2021 but I think it uses Electron having looked at the community pages.

Slightly ironically, the project is currently hosted on GitHub!  

Am I going to switch to it? Not yet but in the future, who knows?

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