A very useful Windows Utility in C

ExplorerPatcher menuIf you use Windows 11 you’ll be aware of one or two issues with it; the file explorer popup menu needs a second click to take you to the Windows 10 menu with Copy, cut paste etc.

So I was pleased to discover explorer patcher which is a utility written in C that lets you get the Windows 10 right-click menu back as well as changing the File explorer right-click popup menu and a lot of other stuff.

It’s on GitHub and the authors are happy for you to look at the source code and submit improvements of your own.

If you want to see how to make changes to Windows etc in C, this is a great example.

Added to the C Code Links page.

PS. I use this and have found that after a Windows update, the right-click menu gets reset to the Windows 11. However just opening the explorer patcher settings and unticking then ticking the option for Disable the Windows 11 context menu on the File Explorer menu fixes it.

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