A game development website recommendation

Image by Maria_Alberto from Pixabay

In my previous post I mentioned that I’d had to discover a lot of stuff for myself. Just before the Web came into being ie 1994-1995 I’d been working on a hexagon map based game.  I figured out how to draw hexagons, how to store a hexagon map (as a 2D grid), how to click on a map location and discover exactly which hexagon you clicked.

I still have source code that I wrote 30 years ago for the postal game Quest and likewise for the hexagon game which I called Onslaught. Both were written for a 16-bit Turbo Pascal and probably could with a bit of effort be transformed into 32-bit or 64-bit Delphi had I the time and desire, both of which I lack.  Given that Quest is still run, that’s probably not a good idea anyway! Plus I had only been writing Pascal code for a few years and my old code is far from being comprehensible!

Anyway, a lot of the wisdom and stuff that I taught myself can be found on the excellent Amit’s Game Programming Information website (particularly the hexagon stuff) and I highly recommend it if you have any desires to be a game programmer.





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