A free C Book – “C Programming Notes for Professionals”

C Notes for Professionals Book coverThis has nothing to do with my ebook and was produced entirely by the Goalkicker.com project which produces free and very professional looking ebooks, I came across it just a few days ago.

The C Programming Note for Professionals is currently 327 pages long, a 2.4 MB download. It’s nicely laid out and professionally done. I’ve only flicked through it but it looks an excellent piece of work with 63 chapters currently. You can leave your email address and they’ll notify you of any changes.

There are almost 50 ebooks in total covering topics like Android, .NET, Xamarion Forms, Perl, PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL and may other topics. This is an excellent library.  I don’t know who is behind this project but they deserve to be bought a lot of coffees…

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