A collection of app ideas

Image by pencil parker from Pixabay

Now this isn’t a bad thing. On GitHub, someone has built a collection of ideas if you are looking to develop something to further your skills. There always seems top be something about November as a month to do things, whether it’s growing a moustache (“Movember), Writing a 50,000 word novel (NaNoWriMo) or this.

These are in three tiers with 35 Tier 1 “Developers in the early stages of their learning journey. Those who are typically focused on creating user-facing applications.”,  the same number at Tier 2 “Developers at an intermediate stage of learning and experience. They are comfortable in UI/UX, using development tools, and building apps that use API services.” and 20 at Tier 3. “Developers who have all of the above, and are learning more advanced techniques like implementing backend applications and database services.”

If you finish all those, you’ll have done 90 projects. The last 20 of course being the most complex and including such things as a Discord Bot that plays Battleships, an Elevator simulator, a fats food restaurant simulator and the like. There’s no platform or programming language specified.

I’ve seen elevator simulators done before. Single elevator or multiple ones and for varying numbers of storeys.  Optimising the algorithm to minimise the waiting time is interesting and not always obvious. Do you have elevators wait wat floors when not in use or do they sit on the ground floor.

The author of this Florin pop has also completed 100 projects in 100 days if you fancy a challenge.

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